RightABigWrong.org was founded in 2016 to help expose an unknown and unauthorized federal court disclaimer of federal subject matter jurisdiction over state judges and state officials engaged in conduct having nothing to do with, no bearing on and that is entirely unrelated to any legitimate government activity or function.  This federal court disclaimer allows judges to act deliberately and maliciously, without neutral principles, without legal authority, in clear absence of their subject matter jurisdiction and state officials to allow this misconduct in the state and then use the disclaimer of federal subject jurisdiction to protect themselves and the judges.

This unauthorized federal court disclaimer of federal subject matter jurisdiction is allowing state judges to take American’s  freedoms by abrogating their constitutional right to due process.  These are the most protected freedoms and rights under the constitution and US federal law.

The federal court call their disclaimer the “domestic relations expectation to federal subject matter jurisdiction.”  We call it the “DRE” and believe that the DRE is an extremely important contributor to the increasing disrespect of American Founding Principles and Beliefs.

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