About Us

RightABigWrong.org is a non-profit non-partisan organization with a mission to educate American Parents about our powerful, precious, natural and legal parental rights which are as protected under the U.S. Constitution and through U.S. Supreme Court decisions as any we the people possess. Our rights to love and educate their children free from the predilections and moral, political, social or ideological beliefs of Family Court judges.

Our founder, Manuel P. Asensio, is a father who experienced and observed the Organized Judicial Misconduct not only in his own on-going custody case in New York County Family Court, but in many other cases. He also happened to have a non-conventional job. The National Bureau of Economic Research, the Nation’s leading nonprofit economic research organization, accorded moniker of “Pioneer” of what they kindly called “information arbitrage,” a form of contrarian “debate” investing that relies on primary factual investigations. This and the love of his child is what generated the motivation to learn about the legal structure and circumstances that exist in Family Court and ultimately to form RightABigWrong.org and its first chapter, the New York County Chapter.

Our Team:

Manuel P. Asensio
Founder and Director

Jason LaVardera

Lorena Livichuzca
Adminstrative Director