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Ms. Chung, good reporting but let’s remember America is a nation of laws and freedoms protected by our Constitution

By Manuel P. Asensio
Founder, rightabigwrong.org and

October 5, 2018 – New York, NY. In your letter of yesterday to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford published in The Washington Post’s Opinions section you wrote that, “[a]s a reporter, the truth has ruled my life, my thinking. It’s what I searched for on a daily working basis…Christine, I know the truth, as you do.” You also write, “We remember exactly what happened to us and who did it to us. We remember the truth forever.”  Fortunately for our nation, your intervention in that “Blasey Ford” matter could help the nation focus on the importance of due process.  Without due process we the people cannot protect our American Freedoms from corrupt judgments. Due process is based on a code to regulate any accusation and standards of evidence to protect the truth and the right to confront your accuser before a jury of your peers not a judge to protect the truth from corrupt judges.

A basic human right and fundamental principle of American justice is that the burden of proof is on Blasey Ford, not on the accused. “Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies,” this statement is attributed to Julius Paulus Prudentissimus a lawyer in the Ancient Rome in the second century.  We must remember that the English people fought for the protection of a liberty that include the right to a jury from 1215 when Magna Carta was signed until the Glorious Revolution in 1688.

Personally, as a father of a young teenage girl, I am emotionally certain that your story is true.  You wrote that you wanted to “bury the incident in [your] mind and protect [your] family.”   You wrote you didn’t think of protecting others back then. As a father, I am thankful you told your story so I can use it to protect my own daughter.

You wrote that you, “search for facts and understanding on a daily basis.” You do this as a reporter; I do it as a short seller.  In fact, I am recognized as the ‘pioneer of informational arbitrage,’ which is the use of the internet to combat fraud on Wall Street. I am formed a non-profit called  RightABigWrong.Org to educate Americans on the wrong doings of family judges who fabricated evidence themselves and their own rules and make judgments without authority or a jury. This is organized fraudulent conduct by judges themselves and it is happening here on our own soil. Judges cannot be allowed to fabricate evidence or create their own laws especially when children are involved.

You did a praiseworthy job reporting your own story. I ask that you consider the harm done to civil society when due process is violated. This is utterly intolerable in America’s civil society.