Judicial Misconduct

New York’s State justice system does not enforce laws governing the administrative conduct of judges while they are presiding over Family Court cases but allows them to make administrative order that do not comply with the basic elements of legal orders. This “hands off policy” makes appeals of the final order impossible after these administrative orders become the law of the court in these lengthy unregulated proceedings. New York law allows its Family Court judge’s (who are sit in inferior courts and have no constitutional equity powers and statutorily limited in their jurisdiction) to make temporary or interim decision but denies parents as of rights to appeal these decisions. In Family Court, these same administrative orders that do not comply with the requirement that make orders legal are used to arrive at Final Judgments that are only subjected to legal review. This goes on unbeknownst to the public. This way New York Family Court judges can and do take command over children through acts that fall outside of their judicial powers leaving stunned parents in pain and bewilderment.  Major judicial decisions made without law or a reason. This happens every day in our own New York County.  Americanssimply can not imagine a system that allows judges to act without legal authority against their parental rights. But it exists. These Family Court judges take control of children at will without law or hearing or evidence or a trial.  They intimidate parents into doing what they want without regulation or supervision. Then they pretend they can act as fair judges in the same cases.

In New York County judges are allowed to commit these utterly outrageous violations of our community’s most precious individual freedom, the right to love and educate our own children in peace and harmony.  This is intolerable in a civilized community. EVA stands to stop Every Violation and Admonishing every judge that does this to a parent-child relationship.

New Yorker’s have the power to stop these judges cold in their tracks. They have the power to make sure these judges are admonished and punished for violating laws that exist that govern judicial conduct but are not being enforced. New Yorker’s can stop these judges that deliberately and maliciously distort the fundamental purpose of their County’s Family Court. New Yorker’s can stop these judges from engaging in misconduct that distorts family law away from being re-conciliatory and unobstructed to minimize intrusion and burdens on private family lives’ into one that is filled with financial conflicts rewarding their officers and agents.