Manuel P. Asensio with his daughter, Eva Asensio.
Investigative Reports


Pictured above is the Founder of, Manuel P. Asensio, and his daughter, Eva Asensio.


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I am Manuel P. Asensio the author of “Topsy-Turvy Chief Judges.” I am a private citizen.  I am not a lawyer or politician. I have personal experience with the way totalitarian governments operate. My family immigrated to America to flee communism. I watched as we struggled to bring all of our family members and not leave any member behind. I have professional experience with the investigation of institutionalized securities fraud. In fact, I am recognized as the pioneer of this investigation on Wall Street. So, with my childhood memories of the evils of exalted governments and the work that formed my business career it was utterly intolerable for me to allow my only daughter child to come under the control of a single exalted judicial officer much less an administrative system governed by the state chief judge’s undefined ideological policies.  Concealed policies that are directly the opposite of my family’s moral and ethical beliefs and values.

This matter should not be an issue between liberal and conservative Americans. Americans cannot turn a blind eye on organized illegal activity by one branch of government for several reasons.  Allowing the chief judge to use concealed ideological policies against any parent the chief judge does not like is a crime by the chief judge and by the judges that enforce a chief judge’s illegal rules.  Allowing the governor, the attorney general and the legislatures to team up with the chief judge is a crime against the basis for all American belief “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” 

RightABigWrong.Org is a research and educational nonpartisan nonprofit that focuses on judicial conduct in the nation’s normal custody cases in state family courts. The work is the product of an investigation of the New York State’s child custody laws that affect normal healthy parent-child relationship through concealed administrative procedures.