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The DiFiore Administration: A Judicial Syndicate

NEW YORK, June 21, 2018, a nonpartisan non-profit organization concerned with the checks-and-balances of our state governments, conducted an investigation led by its Founder Manuel P. Asensio into New York State’s judicial branch and the long-time question of ‘who judges the judges?’

Mr. Asensio wrote a series of investigative reports on this topic under the title of Topsy-Turvy Chief Judges. Deemed “the Fasanya Matter,” the investigation is centered on New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore’s conduct in defending New York County Family Court Magistrate Adetokunbo O. Fasanya’s judicial misconduct in Mr. Asensio’s own ongoing five-year-long custody dispute. The investigation uncovered a politically influenced web connecting and bouncing Mr. Asensio between the three branches of New York’s government.

On Friday, June 15, 2018, posted to their website and issued a press release announcing their Letter to the President of the Conference of Chief Justices. The Conference’s members, being each state’s highest ranking judicial officer, are solely responsible for upholding citizen’s rights alongside upholding the laws that supervise the government.

Mr. Asensio stated, “Any unauthorized use of political power to manipulate private citizen’s emotions and deny basic human rights is unconstitutional. We issued a press release the Friday before Father’s Day 2018 announcing the service of our letter on the Conference of Chief Justices requesting that they commence an investigation into the New York chief judge’s central role in the Fasanya Matter. We hope it becomes an important part of the debate in this year’s New York election.”

Jason LaVardera, Director of stated, “We’ve uncovered something in New York State that is larger than the Organized Crime families of the 1960’s. The mob paid-off and influenced judges, lawyers and politicians. The same thing is happening today except the judges, lawyers and politicians are the one’s doing this under the color of law. How did we let this happen?”

Click Here to download the Letter to the President of the Conference of Chief Justices

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